Abraham Kriel Bambanani has numerous residential homes and community programmes across Johannesburg, caring for the most vulnerable children and youth.

With the Residential Care model, holistic care is provided to traumatised, molested, abandoned, neglected and orphaned children committed into their care by the Children’s Court. For more information about Residential Care, click here.

The community care programmes take care of over 550 children affected by HIV/AIDS. With many children being orphaned due to HIV/AIDS or being taken care of by their guardians (in many cases their grandmothers), income is a huge problem resulting in poor nutrition and other problems that manifest in the children. Abraham Kriel Bambanani runs two types of HIV/AIDS programmes in Soweto and Westbury; Home-Based Care programmes and Drop-In Centres.

Abraham Kriel Bambanani also runs 2 educational programmes: Johanna Malan ECDC and Emdeni Skills Centre. Children and youth should be developed by their full potential and by completing their education it will empower them to a better future.

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