Listening to the Rain

Little Tumelo is happy in his bed tonight as he listens to the rain pouring down outside. He hears the breathing of his two roommates and all of this makes the most wonderful music. Earlier today Aunty Ernesta told them to stop complaining because they could not play outside because of the rain. She told them about the people who do not have enough water in other places. That was when Nossie said that rain was fine, except when they got wet in their beds at her granny’s house, because the roof leaked. Tumelo is glad that the rain cannot get to him in his bed in the green house at Maria Kloppers Campus.

Tumelo’s happiness and safety from the elements came about because of a donor, who offered to repair all the roofs of the houses for children at Maria Kloppers campus. He has no idea how close they came to having to move his bed and that of his two roommates, because his room was at risk of flooding due to problems that has now been resolved.

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