For 21 years (since 1996), Abraham Kriel Childcare has been hosting the prestigious Stars for Charity Gala event concluding our fundraising campaign to cover the educational expenses for 1000+ vulnerable children and youth in our care.

Thanks to the goodwill of the business sector, we have succeeded to grow this into:

  • A successful registered campaign, raising between R 250 000-R 800 000 p.a. with a direct impact on  the education we offer our children and students
  • A top-class network and PR opportunity for our donor companies
  • A highlight on the social calendar of the celebrities supporting the event
  • An excellent media coverage opportunity with priceless awareness value
  • An unbelievable heartwarming confirmation to our vulnerable children that people do care and do believe in them.
  • Not to underestimate the confidence boost achieved by the opportunity to perform and show off their talents during this glamorous event.This is actually what inspired us to open up an opportunity for the kids to Say it with a Song  as we approach the 2021 SFC EDU Campaign without knowing if an Event will be allowed (Covid protocol)

The fact that 50% of our Stars for Charity supporters hardly skip a year, also serves as testimony that they believe in the cause and enjoy the event we host. Therefore we are keen to invite the Campaign donors to an event as soon gatherings are allowed.

Abraham Kriel Bambanani’s marketing is constantly striving to exceed our loyal supporters’ expectations. As soon as possible, we will continue the Stars for Charity Dinner & Show as an event and a donor recognition opportunity for our supporters. During the year we motivate individuals and companies to sponsor key elements in our children’s development from toddlers’ ECD to formal students by covering crucial educational expenses.

This social event enables our supporters to meet the children and experience the impact of their investment on our beneficiaries. More importantly, it creates an opportunity for these vulnerable children to show their appreciation by performing on the night and THIS makes them feel like the true stars of the night! We approach each year with a different theme like #Forget me Not #BeTheirAngel, #GrowTheirWings, #Be their Shining Star #Look UP child and this year #Say it with a Song

Stars (TV, movie-, sport, music, beauty celebrities) play a major role to add to the excitement and media value (TV coverage included) at our Stars for Charity event. We are extremely grateful to have their full support and often this is the start of continued involvement, opening valuable doors for community role models –like Binnelanders and LIONS rugby players to motivate and support our kids.

Knowing how our Stars desperately long for the interaction with an audience during lockdown we are opening the digital doors by offering our DONOR audience direct contact with the celebrity of their choice as part of the 2021 Say it with a Song SFC EDU Campaign.