No two are the same

No two are the same *Melusi and *Zama are seventeen year old twin brothers. They share the fact that they are orphans, but not much else. While Melusi copes fairly well, Zama is in real need of psychological help. Due to Zama’s peculiar looks he is cruelly teased at school. He underachieves ...

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Our children make us proud

Our children make us proud Mia (13 years old) – took part in provincial trials for shot put. She attends a remedial school. Charde (16 years, Gr 10) – received her provincial colours in Ringball. Gabby (15 years, Gr 8) – received two golden awards for public speaking. Frikkie (15 years, Gr ...

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I am awesome

I am awesome “Is my mom ok?” was the only thing that Samantha (7 years) kept asking her housemother when she was committed into our care at the Maria Klopper Campus at the beginning of this year. What Samantha and her three-year-old sister were exposed to, no child should endure. Her mom ...

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